Hotel Recommendations

When you come to Saranac Lake, you are stepping into history. Many of the buildings you see are over 100 years old. Given that the majority of structures in the Adirondacks were originally built from wood, it's amazing that so many have escaped fire.

But finding a great hotel is harder than you might think.

The Hotel Saranac may again become the go-to spot for many visitors. Despite the hurdles its new owners have jumped through (Asbestos removal, crumbling infrastructure, stripping of the historic interior by the previous owner, financial problems, etc.) The Hotel Saranac should be open by the end of 2017.

The Lake Flower Hotel has a less certain future. Questions abound about whether the footprint for the hotel can be built as a responsible addition to the lake's ecosystem and to whether the hotel can conform to the city's existing zoning laws and height and setback requirements. Only time will tell. Having quality accommodations available locally is paramount. And the rooms should be an improvement over the motels slated for demolition if the Lake Flower Resort is approved.

In the meantime, the Best Western in Saranac Lake is a modest choice, while the Marriott Courtyard in Lake Placid is a good enough choice for budget minded travelers.

Spa & Service Recommendations

Getting pampered in the Adirondacks is far from easy. Especially, if you are from a bigger city where quality and choices are at your fingertips.

Here in areas like Saranac Lake and Lake Placid, there are options, but they all require reservations, patience and sheer luck.

We can recommend spa services at the Mirror Lake Inn. Not inexpensive but close to what comes to mind when you think of pampering.

Conversely, the spa services provided by Whiteface Lodge are hit or miss and many locals avoid this destination for fear of being disappointed by lackluster service.

If you don't need the privacy or ritual associated with Spa services, the Speedy Spa in Lake Placid is good for a massage or basic service. Healing Elements in Lake Placid is good for deep tissue massages.

We will be adding more recommendations shortly.

Buyer's Agents

This is a great place to live! We strongly suggest obtaining the services of a skilled buyer's agent to help you narrow down the field of options and guide you on the best home, cabin or vacant lot to build your dream home on.

You'll want to consider zoning, village and school taxes, APA requirements, rental density (if you live here year round you might not want to be surrounded by renters who change frequently), road maintenance and accessibility, history of freezing pipes in your potential neck of the woods, and limitations on upgrading historical homes.

A good lawyer and great real estate agent are crucial!

We will be updating this section, but a good place to start is Adirondack Premier Properties at 518-523-3333. Ask for Diane Scholl. Patient. Hard Working. Professional. A good group of people.